Middleware – connections for new workflows.

Commtech Messenger – With a U.S. headquarters in Flordia.  Messenger has gone through a number of changes along with Commtech currently at version 4.1 this very capable system extends commtech’s Fusion ™ Product line extending Alert and Alarm Management to Healthcare and the Gaming industry.  How did they know you just won that Jackpot?  Messenger told them.

Globestar Connexall – Connexall has a new United States division, based out of Bolder,  formally only out of Canada.  Connexall is another player in the Alert and Alarm management space.

Phillips Emergin – Healthcare centric middleware solution.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Emergin (a derivative of  ’emergency’ and ‘innovation’) is the leader in alarm and event management solutions for the business enterprise. Over the past decade, Emergin has helped over 5,000 enterprise organizations redesign their communication strategies to continuously improve human and machine interactions.

Emergin, the leader in alarm and event management solutions for healthcare solutions, has partnered with Vocera to deliver mission-critical alerts to Vocera Badges. The Emergin Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides standards-based integration for existing and legacy systems. The ESB enables legacy and proprietary systems to be adapted to a services oriented architecture (SOA). Emergin has developed seven generations of technology and has integrated with over 200 best-in-class systems. Working with Vocera, the combined solution allows organizations to build holistic technology plans that are agile, adaptable and future-ready. The end result is optimized communications, safety and quality.