Vocera 4.2 SP1 + Hotfix CR14799

Vocera has a hotfix (patch) for Version 4.2 SP1 that allows the B3000 badge to work on the network.  Along with adding the firmware for the B3000 badge it also addresses a few other server issues. Read the release notes on the Vocera Portal, or contact NTI for more information.

A seperate HotFix is needed for the Report Server CR14823

New Vocera Badge

Vocera has announced the B3000 badge.  This rugged front display version of the badge is all new including a microphone array!  Look for a full review soon! edit: 10/21/2011 – I have received my shipment 4 B3000 badges, batteries and changers – I know what I’m going to do this weekend.

Vocera Software Version 4.2 Released.

Vocera Released version 4.2 of the Vocera Communication System.

Updates include Vocera Server / Vocera Telephony Server / Vocera Client Gateway / Vocera SIP server / Vocera Report Server.  New features across the board.

Vocera Aquires Wallace Wireless

Continuing their acquisitions Vocera seems to be adding a texting solution.  More info here:

Vocera Releases SIP Telephony Gateway

Vocera released the Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway with version 4.1 sp5.  This allows direct SIP trunking to SIP systems.  eg. Nortel CS1000, Cisco Unified call manager, and Asterisk.  The delay that was added with the older Dialogic has been almost eliminated.  This is a VERY noticable difference.  Vocera also announced for the Dialogic DMG (2030) a SIP to PRI gateway for those that don’t currently have a SIP enabled PBX.


The B2000 badge, and the T1000 Phone have been announced.


Neteam Innovations was at the ALA show in the Washington convention center from June 22-26, 2007. The show was well attended and we had a great time talking to everyone that stopped by our booth. If you missed us in D.C. Maybe you can catch us at the next show. More on that later.


Robert J. Zollars Named Chairman and CEO of Vocera Communications. Link here: http://www.vocera.com/news/vocera_press061207.aspx


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